Data protection

The handling of personal data (names, postal addresses, telephone and / or credit card numbers) which the customer discloses to Miles & More GmbH, branch Kloten, as operator of SWISS SHOP in the line of order fulfilment is liable to data protection laws. When placing an order, the customer agrees that his personal data is being stored in a machine-readable way and can be processed for order fulfilment. The transmission of this personal data to a third party without consent of the customer is not permitted. The customer explicitly agrees to the transmission of data to a third party in the line of order fulfilment, particularly for the performance of credit checks. A third party handling personal data for Miles & More GmbH, branch Kloten, for order fulfilment also has to diligently protect this data.

etracker GmbH

This website uses etracker GmbH ( technology to capture and store data, which is then used for marketing and other purposes associated with system optimisation. User profiles can be generated from the data using a pseudonym. Cookies may be used for this purpose. A cookie is a small text file stored by the web browser of the PC used to access a website. Cookies allow web browsers to be recognised.

Data captured with etracker technology will not be used without the express permission of those affected to allow the user of this website to be personally identified and will not be merged with personal data relating to the bearer of the pseudonym. You can decline any future capture and storing of your data at any time via.


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If you move the mile slider to the left or right, all prices and mile details on the page will change. You can use the mile slider to define the miles to be redeemed and automatically display the payment amount in CHF. Alternatively, you can enter your required miles amount in the free text field.

When you are logged in, you can see your current miles account balance. The miles/CHF mix is adjusted with this value.


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