I-CLIP Purse

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I-CLIP Purse
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I-CLIP Purse

Exceptionally well ordered in the smallest space: The purse I-CLIP with button closure holds up to 12 cards and notes at the ready. It is very small and light and does not expand much. Thanks to the balanced clips, notes remained undamaged and everything is kept together. The cardholder is closed with a button closure. By the way - The I-CLIP was invented, designed and made in Germany.

Practical eleganceDue to its excellent volume/weight ratio the I-CLIP is particularly comfortable and is hardly noticeable in a breast or trouser pocket. Overall, it saves approx. 80 g in weight compared with classic wallets. You can enjoy the purse's benefits even if you only have one note or one card in it.

DetailsDimensions (W x H x D): 7 x 9 x 1.7 mm

  • Weight: 19 g
  • Material: Leather, plastic
  • Colour: Carbon


  • Balanced clip
  • Button closure

Scope of delivery

  • 1 I-CLIP Purse

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